Can we fix Nomad resources placements?

In the last Nomad map patch that I saw, there was a change in the resources placements around the map, seperating the stones, golds, berries apart from each other. Which is all great and all, but a big problem I see as a nomad player is when resources are no where near you. I have just played a game where my only access of gold was towered and had to walk halfway across the map to get access to another pile of gold. I think a better way to manage the resources is to create more spawns, but in smaller amounts. Instead of the current 7 piles that we get, it should be similar to land nomad with around 3 or 4 piles but in greater amounts on the map. Nomad is already random af, but let’s not make the game so stressful trying to scout another pile of resources you need for 20 minutes.

In this photo you can see pretty much all the golds (we didn’t exhaust any I think)…1/3 of the top of the map is struggling with gold while there was a TON of stone for me to sell