Can we get a "hot" fix for imperial rams please?

Game after game, this is just silly to watch and frustrating to play. Imperial rams are just insane, and late game basically features a ram conga line that seems endless. Just rams on rams.

I feel the issue is that they can be produced from the siege workshop, providing easy access for queuing them up. In addition, they occupy only 1 population slot, but depending on your army, you will need 3 - 7 units to somewhat effectively take them down. In the Imperial age, this just doesn’t go well; you get population capped and still won’t have enough units to deal with the rams effectively. Lastly, but not least, rams are deprioritized when using the attack-move command. Both army and villagers will ignore rams if an actual military unit is nearby. So taking them down requires absurd APM, as you need to manually (or shift) click them. But you need to do this via separate groups to target them, or pathing will cluster the army in an attempt to all target the same ram. Conversely, rams will ignore everything but buildings with a simple attack-move command.

Ultimately, the current situation is that even if you take down ##### you have to invest a considerable amount of army and time to destroy a single ram, and you’ll still be outnumbered by rams since they’re quite sturdy. Over time, albeit not much time, rams will be lost, but so will buildings, ultimately leading to the loss for the player with fewer or weaker rams. The style of these rams is so out of line of people having to make strategic decisions in micro and macro to feel like a general commanding an army and the economic support behind it. Just spam those wooden cows and lean back in awe.

This is so ridiculous that I urge the developers to release a mid-season patch to address this issue. The season still has eight weeks left. But after yet another game that lasts an hour, with the last 20 minutes being a ram fiesta, I can’t queue up another game. And I know that if I boot up the game again tomorrow, this will happen again. Even winning with ram floods doesn’t really feel well-deserved. This mechanic is complained and joked about by the lot of the community, including higher tier players.