In one week we are 2 months from release, and I can barley play the game in the current state,

While its listed as “priority” it feels like this issue is ignored, we get zero information, not eta, nothing news about the issus, it also took weeks before the issue itself was acknowledged by the devs in one of the threads here.

After trying to fix the issue myself, I did not find any solution, but what I saw was that Gears 5 (
Xbox Game Studios) had the same DC issues like we see in AoE2.

The workflow is also bad, issues like these that make the game unplayble for alot of people should be top priority, it should be a hotfix and not put in the next big patch, and if the next patch does not fix this issue we will have to wait a whole new month for next patch…


So apperently I can play the game without zero disconnects when I use VPN. I use the “privateinternetaccess VPN” if someone else want to try.


I completely agree with everything you said. It’s been so frustrating and I know many people have given up on DE, at least until the basics of the game work. I was super hopeful after that first big patch, mostly because the balance changes all looked well thought out, but the fact that the game is crashing even more now does not bode well.

The completely random nature of the crashes also makes it pretty much impossible to diagnose ourselves.

I hope a discussion between us and the devs can be opened up ASAP so we can at least know that they are working on a fix.

Also, I would LOVE to see a reconnect feature. This is a pretty standard thing in modern multiplayer games and it’s important even if there aren’t frequent crashes like there are now.

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