Can we get an option to turn off chat censor in the next big update, please?

I am an adult, a large portion of people who play the game are adults, we should at least get the option. Especially with the seemingly randomly chosen words to be censored.


And even the ones who aren’t adults probably hear worse in one average day of real life than your average in-game chat will have for any given player in a week.


Yeah, in most games (e.g. World of Warcraft) the chat filter is just an option. Not sure why it’s not possible here.


In general, prohibiting wordings and speach just doesn’t helps to solve social issues.
It’s mostly just annoying for people who respect others, but the people who herass others will always find ways to spread their hate and toxicity.

Even worse: People of the “dark triad” often use this kind of shallow prohibition to provoke others to break them and then demand punishment.


i agree with this. Sometimes even normal talking is censored, it’s really annoying to write a strat and only get ### ##### ######. Even normal portuguese words get censored, i don’t get why. :man_shrugging:


I agree (20 characters)