Can we get "No Siege" Mode?

Sieges are boring in this game as it is depicted so wrong, except “Trebuchets”. And I don’t feel the game is fun with these units existing and doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

Therefore, I would like to get a mode where there are “no Sieges”.

In this mode, Keeps, Castles, Outposts, and Palisade Walls would cost 30% more and have 20% less HP.

  • no Stone Walls (as units cannot hit it).

I would like to see that mode.

Rams, siege towers, and elephants can target and destroy walls.

as I said it is “no Siege mode”

That means no rams and siege towers…

Elephantos are civ-specific.

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Can we just got no weapon mode in Counter Strike?

Just get a different game, buddy.

Let’s get a sim city mode. Where you can’t build any military units and disable wonder and sacred site victories.

I think this is exactly what buddy is trying to avoid.

Already done, sandbox mode is basically city builder mode lol no win conditions

Full no siege would be a bit extreme.
But I would love a mode with just rams and trebuchets so a keep would defend and scare as it would do