Can we have a ranking system on the Browse game servers

Hi Aoe 3 de players I’d like to discuss an issue I feel needs to be fixed asap to help the player base and bring increased competition back to servers.
At first I liked the idea of the ranked server but now it is totally useless no one wants to play on there and you can’t find a game straight away, sometimes taking plus 5 min.
A lot more people are playing in the browse games lobbies, the one problem with this is that people aren’t getting ranked for each game. This has caused a lot of matches that aren’t evenly balanced and some matches which are frustrating as their is either a complete noob or someone way to good on your team or the other.
I hope to see a day where the old system is back and people start getting credited for their results.

I’m sure it’s not too hard of a fix but would be great to have back.
Also bring back the old ranking systems master sergeant, lieutenant etc

Well the problem is that not enough people use Automatch, which leads us to the issue that looking for a 3v3 is quite hard and 4v4 will always end in a 7+ min queue.

About the old ranking system yes and no. Yes it was better, but then what? We have 2 different ranks or only the old ranking system?

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