Can we have a replace terrain type scenario editor trigger?

Hello. This is as the title says, a new effect trigger for the scenario editor in AoE2 that would replace one terrain type with another. The main reason I’m asking for this is because of how useful it would be for scenarios with seasons. Currently, although there are color moods and replace object triggers, to make a really cool season change, being able to use triggers to replace all of the summer oak trees with autumn oak trees would be awesome. It would add so much more realism and immersion, and make some scenarios go up to the next level. The reason this would be needed instead of the replace object trigger, is because when you use replace object, it replaces all the trees with an identical tree model, even if it should be selecting randomly from a large number of models. You can try it yourself. Open the scenario editor, place some trees, say birch trees. They all look a bit different because they use different models, selected randomly I think. Then, under triggers, make a new trigger. Give it one effect. Replace objects. Set the object to be replaced to civ gaia, unit type other, and unit Tree Birch. Then set the object to replace it with to gaia, unit type other, and unit Tree Autumn Oak. When you test it, you will see all of the birch trees replaced with an identical Autumn oak tree. This is fine for normal units, but it doesn’t work for trees. Having a replace terrain type in area trigger could help resolve this, by changing all the trees, either in an area, or everywhere, to another type of tree. It could also do other things, like having the dirt churned to mud as an army walks over it, digging a moat to protect your castle, or filling an a river so an army can cross. If this would create problems, it could also be fixed just by having the replace object trigger randomly select a tree model for the replacement. That would be a hopefully simple fix, and would carry out the same functionality, without other complications hopefully. What do people think?