Can we have a roadmap? Ranked? Seasons? Mods? Editor?

Would be cool to have a roadmap for the players. I’ve heard a lot of things mentioned at different times by different people from the aoe4 devs, but nothing in writing or official.


From about 1hr26min. No other important info in the rest of the video, if you’re wondering, they just played the campaign and talked about that mostly.

This proofs that they are in fact reading the forums and listening to us and now it’s confirmed that even a roadmap is coming in a few weeks. Can we now please stop the nonsense threads about how they don’t care and such as that is untrue.


This is not proof, these are just words so far. Don’t get ahead of yourself. :slight_smile:


Thanks for going through that :slight_smile:

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First of all, it’s more than what we had previously so if a confirmation that a roadmap is indeed in the works and that it’ll come in the coming weeks in November, and you still don’t believe them then that’s on you and not their fault.

Secondly, do you have a reason to not believe them? We already know that they are reading the forums and replying to quite a few topics, they even mentioned that in this video as well. Is that not true either?

Again I’ll be here in the forums asking why we haven’t received any roadmap as they previously mentioned if we enter December month and still nothing yet (unless further information has been revealed stating the reason) but until that happens I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe them.

Why would they intentionally lie to us about the roadmap according to you?

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Some people just like to be a Karen.


It is not about lying but rather about not hyping this up only to be disappointed when the info on this roadmap happens to be too vague with no long-term perspectives or not including certain features you like to see.

Not saying that it will happen this way, just telling you for your own mental health :slight_smile:

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That’s a whole other topic about the roadmap and the content itself, which they said that it’ll be for the upcoming few weeks and then a bit what’s to come in the future later down the road so if you listen to what they are saying then you’ll get just that.

What we are discussing here is that he don’t even believe that a roadmap will come despite having the developers tell us that in this video.

I am sure @IamDalv was not doubting that a roadmap will come, he answered to your statement about listening to feedback.

Woah, slow down, I didnt say I didn’t believe them, what I meant is wait to see what this roadmap is and if the important things which the community asked for are considered. And it’s not something new, they’ve been talking about a roadmap post launch since a long time, when they said things like full hotkeys support would be part of this post launch roadmap. For example when it comes to that people were trying to make them understand it should be among top prority and push them have that at launch. So yeah, lets wait and see what they have in mind for improving this game.

Which they also implied that they are doing in this video and have shown that they are by giving changes to this game that came from user feedback.

The roadmap will show to what degree though, if they are willing to overhaul entire UI sections or just do minor adjustments for example.

My bad then I misunderstood your previous message as it wasn’t specifying this what you said just now. Yes, the big question is what the roadmap will include but I think we should have our expectations low and expect simple things.

For some reason I expect that the first roadmap to be small in content, and then talk about what’s to come in the near future, possibly beginning of 2022 with a bigger roadmap including the first DLC package, but who knows they might surprise us.

Oh you’re not going to see me go back to that year, ever, even if a time machine was invented :joy:

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Haha, my bad I corrected it :smiley:

I wish they have talked in more detail. For example along with keybindings, there are urgent problems like mongol tc rush thing.

Only for premium users.

Someone Who have a subscription could share what developers said.

Did someone comment on the relic bugs and incomplete multiplayer issues?

No. moderators just delete the report of delicated bugs