Can we have naval AI for archipelago?

Wanted to enjoy the new archipelago map. The AI takes a very long time to build a dock and then does maybe one naval landing on a trading post island and then abandons the units there, sometimes doesn’t even get that much done. Free win at the moment, which is a shame as it would be an interesting map for some naval goodness


AI does not work on island based maps. This isn’t uniqe to Archipelago.


Really? They seem to do fine on Caribbean.

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Caribbean is fine because you can build a base on your island. The AI does badly on maps where you must eventually move out and establish a new economy on a bigger mainland.


similar applies to aoe2 AI to this day, migration style water maps would require different script to work properly

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Now the map is removed entirely :frowning: Not quite what I had in mind with this request


Mate I noticed that too, the Archipelago map disappeared !

Has anyone seen any explication regarding its removal ?

It was a fun map !

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The map hasn’t been removed, it is currently multiplayer only.


So in theory it could still potentially make a comeback, thats great news

I think that’s the plan. First they need time to develop a functional AI for it, then it can come to singleplayer.

water map specific script could then also be used for ceylon, and as a basis for aoe2 ai on migration, especially if the devs have promi working on both