Can we have option to reupgrade already upgraded outposts?

it would be nice if we could overwrite existing upgrades from an outpost by a new one, instead of having to make an entirely new one, most of the time i avoid making outposts early game because i know early upgrade will be useless later on, and i cant even overwrite an upgrade on top of it


I agree I feel the same way about outposts, the only reason I want to uograde my outpost in the early ages is if I really need to for defence otherwise I just wait for the last upgrade to be available.


I agree with the current mechanics of upgrading outposts being badly implemented. Having the option to replace arrow slits with a springald emplacement, or later on the springald with a cannon would be great (not all 3 at the same time, mind you, they would remove the previous tech). In the end you’d have an outpost that’s more expensive than a keep, which is fine since it balances itself out. Few people would want to spend so many resources unless it’s really justified.