Can we have the Slavs' wonder replaced?

Just a small nitpick: I’ve read that the Slavs’ wonder is from the ~17th/18th century (out of AoE2’s timeline), back in the HD edition days Indians had the Gol Gumbaz as a wonder which is also a 17th century building and got replaced afterwards together with a new architecture set.

I don’t get why the Dormition Cathedral exists as a scenario building and not as the Slavs’ wonder…while still having the anachronistic Kizhi Pogost for them ever since they came out.


Why don’t you simply make a small mod to replace the building graphics smx to your liking?

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Because I barely have any modding knowledge and as far as I know some mods won’t work on campaigns and multiplayer after trying the Bohemian central European architecture mod.


Data mods are different, because they change the game structure, a simple graphic change is multiplayer and campaign compatible.

Just rename the scenario editor wonder with the name of the slavic wonder and vise versa.this should do what you want.

P.S changing the indian wonder graphics made that civi even worse representation of India.

Yeah i would like if it was replaced, not only it’s out of timeframe but it is also the ugliest wonder in the game.


This is way simpler since you are exchanging some graphics. In the case of Bohemians you have to change the code

Yes! The wonder for the Slavs needs to be changed. I hate that the Slavic/Russian wonder is still a building that’s out of the AoE2 timeframe. That building which is the Kizhi Pogost belongs in AoE3. Not AoE2.