Can we know when the hotfix is coming?

Although I liked several adhesions of the previous update, it must be admitted that there is a very serious performance problem.
And I think I speak for the whole community when I ask if there is going to be a hotfix and by when? Also, it strikes me that in the face of these errors they have not backed down with the update as the last time.

On the other hand, I would like to make a call to your attention, it is incredible that whenever a new update comes out it is always this bad and I do not understand what happened, I tried the test pre-update and I can even say that the performance was great, but once you applied the update to the game in general everything started to fail! They have to start testing the updates better before releasing them, we don’t mind waiting.

I do this topic with the best intentions, and I would like all of us to express the errors that we are experiencing, I have seen that there are not many topics talking about it.


2 things that got buggy since the update for me…
Settlers don’t always show the icon of an action, for example, when hunting you see a meat icon over the cursor, well… not anymore, it sometimes glitches and you don’t know if you sent them hunting or chopping wood.
Another thing, not preeminent, buildings kind of disappear when you are selecting where to build them. Weird.

Are you guys having these glitches too?

Do you?
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