Can we make nomad maps have a more equal start?

I made a post about how the mayans and Chinese extra villagers were too strong on nomad starts because they could build their TC so much faster or villager fight and win with numbers. A change was made where extra villagers now spawn after a TC is made. I’m glad the devs listened.

Now can all civilizations get 50 wood on nomad starts so if there is fish then all civilizations can get an immediate fishing ship? On maps like Mountain Pass or Steppe it won’t make much difference. However, it would make the map Nomad much more equal to all civilizations. It would also make the starts a little less dependent on immediately finding herdables. Right now it is dominated by Persians and Malians, which can make an immediate fishing ship. After the change, they wouldn’t have this big advantage.

The main appeal of AoE2 maps, is that they avoid modern “tournament” settings, where everyone gets a mirrorred map and the same start.

I didn’t say mirrored start. Nomad starts are always different. That would still be random. Having the ability to build a fishing ship right away would not change the nomad map. Your resources are still random and so is your position.


20 chartacters needed

i don’t really see a need for more homogenization as is.

the civs that get less wood at the start do so for a reason.

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Well, Chinese and Mayan changes were necessary because it would end up with vill fighting and all, while Malian/Persian can’t just ruin the game from the start. Besides that you realize a civ is always going to be on top right? Once ur change gets in then it’s going to be Brits/Tatars if ur lucky with sheeps, then Mongols for hunts, then Franks for berries…

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No I don’t care after that.

you might, but then someone else has a complaint.
for example - the chinese start with less wood because they do get the extra villagers at the start. that gives them a huge advantage in that they start harvesting faster.

if they got those villagers + the wood it would be an even bigger advantage.

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Malians immediate fishing ship is due to an indirect bonus.
Persians were not given this bonus for nomad.

and they are balanced around that bonus.
just like other civs are balanced around their bonuses. do some civs need some love? yes. but for the most part, most civs are fine.

a civ might have a leg up on a nomad map, but other civs have the same advantage on other map types.

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honestly, i would loathe mirrored maps.

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They just ruined all teh appeal of RTS to me. It no longer feels like I am fighting over a realistic location, and makes the whole game feel super artificial.

yeah. don’t get me wrong, the random map generation can sometimes be awful, it really can, but overall i like it a heck of a lot more then static maps. (glares at sc2)

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there is one change for nomad start i do agree with.

a goth player should not get their free Loom upgrade until after they build the town center (assuming that isn’t the case already). otherwise the goths could just engage in villager wars and win.

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