Can we name the towns in Age of Empire 2 Definitive Edition

I have always wondered if someone could mod AOE2 to include a feature to name the Town Centers. And when the Town Center is reduced it gets converted to the enemy’s control. I know that the whole idea behind AOE 2 DE is to recreate the original as much as they can and this would be a complete deviation from the original. But maybe someone can create a mod or create an optional setting to include this as it would make the game feel so much more personable.

This was a secret wish of mine too. I doubt it will happen, and honestly I wouldn’t even blame the devs for not adding in something that has no real value besides curiosity. But Empire Earth 2 did allow for it, and I loved it in that game.

ever played rise of nations? this exact thing happens there, where you can capture cities and name then.
Some campaigns maps in AOE2 allow you to capture buildings - The Return of the Dragon scenario, in Dracula’s campaign, is a good example.
Maybe the new campaign has more of this gameplay aspect, and we may see some versions of modded scenarios in multiplayer, allowing city captures.