Can we name units? (suggestion)

I just think it’d be fun if we could like name units. Plus would make battles way more interesting if you litterally named the soldiers that you are using.

You can rename units in the editor.

I mean in a match not editor, so that as the game is going you can so players can get more attached to their cities

Like give each unit individual names like bob or bill or whatever?

yea that’s what I was thinking. Just a little fature that I think could be fun.

Nah you can’t do that in-game. If you could, you’d be saying “Alas poor Yorick! (/Bob/Bill)” every couple seconds once things get rolling.

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I think this can lead to unnecessary confusion and is not a needed feature.

How would it lead to confusion? And it is not needed feature I agree, just a fun feature.

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Oh sorry should have formatted title better I meant it as a suggestion.

Here’s what I think. In online or competitive play, this makes no difference as no one would use this. If you want to name units in single player, the scenario editor already gives you this option. Create a random map and give your scout a name if you want to. So, technically the feature you’re asking for is already in game. And if you have really strong imagination, just name them in your head and play along.


Gonna name all my boar villagers idiot McDumb face considering they don’t know how to run away.

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I feel like it’s just a flavour feature, which does have its uses - I know you can name units in Civilization 6 (after enough promotions?) - but is largely a ‘when you have free time you can add this’ type of feature. I’d say currently the devs should be busy enough trying to fix existing problems before thinking of adding this.

I’d also say that this feature is less impactful in AoE2 than in Civ 6 or the like, as each individual unit is less impactful than in Civ. We’re dealing with a lot of units here compared to Civ, where armies are depicted by one individual unit.