Can we please address wolves?

The wolves add very little to the game. The constant pinging, the added noise that is so incredibly loud it adds nothing of value. I have games where you’re trying to micro and fight and instead you’re constantly blasted with these wolf sounds as traders go along the path all game, it’s ridiculous.

Also, can we please just have villagers automatically attack wolves?


I think wolves might need to be made stronger or be in packs they really aren’t a threat to villagers as they are.
Except if they are in packs then Rus would get a buff they don’t need.
I agree villagers should auto target wolves that attack them they did it in previous AoE games.


I agree, the wolfes are just decoration (aside of Rus bounty system)

I would make them a little bit stronger to able to kill villager

+1 regional variant in different biomes (lions in africa, tigers in south east asia etc)



They should either be removed (and the areas impacted would be rebalanced accordingly) or they should be buffed to a point where they’re strategically meaningful.

Ie. They are a real area-denial threat, and can’t be taken out without military units guarding your vills.

At a minimum they shouldn’t be able to attack traders. The pings coming from your backline is PURE annoyance. There’s no strategic impact. It’s just arbitrary torturing of the players.

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Maybe you should be clearing your trading route before sending traders on it? That seems like a strategic choice, to me.

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I would like if wild animals patrolled sacred sites and neutral markets; this would make Rus bounty play and counterplay predictable (good lil nerf) as well make sacred site and early neutral market play require more work to establish;

And yes I hope they increase the wolves attack ability to where it requires 2 villagers to kill 1; also increase the bounty proportionally to the increase dmg/hp of wolves/tiger/lions/hippos/snakes etc etc

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I think it would make more sense if their were bandits guarding the sacred sites and neutral markets similar to AoE 3 and AoEO treasures except they act like an AoE 4 boar with an auto attack returning back to their base healing if they get lured to far away.

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I love this idea, add more dimension to the wildlife then just being a source of annoyance.

This is exactly the problem. The situation becomes so unbelievably annoying, ESPECIALLY in a 4vs4, where I’ve started taking military and just attack moving on the trade line because the noises get me so tilted.

It adds nothing of value to the game. There is zero strategic consideration about wolves, their locations, etc. All they do is create a useless pining noise and a howling noise that is overpowering. It’s gotta go

All sites markets and relics need a guardian. Since those things spawn randomly to an extent it will keep said variably but at least everyone will know I’m looking for the map goodies

I feel like this would effectively just be a Delhi/HRE nerf, which those civs don’t really need. That and/or arguably a Rus buff since they would be able to more reliably get bounty.

If rus and you both know where to go for the high bounty it offers counterplay.

Markets getting guardians would be a nerf to mongols and alike.

Sites and relic havng guardians is already part of the game. So having it be static allows for predictable actions. Aka walk around or kill.

To an extent, but Rus can get multiple scouts easily to claim, and while it does allow you to stop the Rus from getting all the wolves, it adds consistency to their bounty numbers (which would be good for the Rus player).

I don’t understand what you mean by sites and relics already having guardians, wolf spawns are pretty random and generally not by those sites.

That consistency is good because it offers purposeful early play. Both players (rus and foe) are looking for rhe sites and markets and relic knowing rhere are guardians to slay. You can make 1 scout (2 total) vs Rus. Typical Rus only field 3 scouts. 70f to get more map vision and maybe gather a few more sheep and potentially deny 70+ bounty is worth more times than not. Especially if you know generally where to go!

YES currently wolves spawn randomly but rhey often appear near sites and relics and on some maps like high view they often in the corners near the market and or sites. So its just the consistency really.

I suppose this doesnt’ really affect Rus that much since you still have to find the sites.

Still not a fan because this is basically just a direct (if small) HRE and Delhi nerf and only adds mild flavour to the map. Also they would have to adjust the Rus wolf bounty just because there would be way more of them.

Yes more wolves. Change bounty from 25 to 15

From 6 wolves to 10. This would actually be a nerf to rus so lets go from 25 bounty to 20.

Slight buff.

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Im not really a fan of adding increased amounts of spread out wolves if the whole issue people have with them is being weak annoyances. This just increases the amount of pings you get for wolf-attacks.

They are an annoyance because they are purposeless except to rus. As a guardians they will be revitalized and anticipated.

I think wolves should be much stronger. Right now (as pointed out by others) they are more of an annoyance than a threat to your units.

Perhaps make villagers very weak against wolves (wolves should counter villagers). If you want to explore early on with villagers, you should bring a military unit like a spearman to take out the wolves.

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