Can we please change Military Score!

Hi forum and Devs.

Please can we change the way military score works?

atm Military score is counted based on how big your army is at the end of the game.
So you could have 800 kills but end of the game your army is small and your military score is lower than someone who had 200 kills but camped his army in his base at the end of the game.

Wouldn’t it be better or more accurate of how the player performed if Military score was increased when you killed enemy units or buildings? the more upgraded or higher age the unit is the more points you get… so you get more points for killing Elite Knight than a Feudal aged archer.

Getting points for destroying buildings like production barracks/ranges gets you points but a castle gets you more points, also you get bonus points for killing Landmarks.

Wouldn’t this make more sense to who actually played well during the game? which ultimately is what score should show right?