Can we please change the icon of townhalls on the minimap?

I’m playing against these damn squirlly chineese players in big team games who are building their landmarks all over the map. By the time I’m at landmark 6, presents have snuck to one of the landmarks and repaired it. While this is mostly a problem on super large maps, having new town halls show up as landmarks on the minimap make it so hard to actually find all 8 landmarks. So I guess I would like to see townhalls not show any sort of icon on the minimap at all (unless they are landmark townhalls). I

t would also be nice to reduce the 8 player map size,cause the only way to kill landmarks (unless youre chineese yourself) is with siege and when a player has landmarks in every corner of the map, its really hard to kill them and keep them defended from being repaired while your army is away trying to kill the next one. Since fire lancers can kill castles, you cant even use a castle to defend the dead landmark.