Can we please keep the winter biome

I know seasonal biomes are often limited to make them feel more special when they are around, but this one feels too much like it should always be available. I always use to love the snowy maps in older age games and this biome really brings back lots of those fun memories. I just think if would make a great addition to the permanent list available in custom games, maybe without the presents around the relics when it’s not Christmas time. But I wouldn’t mind ether way. Anyway, what do you guys think?


I hope they keep it and make it available for the whole year.

And really wish they drop this one in ranked too from December ~ end of Februar, as i don’t play that many customs but beast around in ranked all the time.

I simply love it.


+1 This biome should be maintained forever, greetings.


I would add winter biome with Viking expansions

No good reason to delay it until a DLC we may or may never get.

The closest to a snow biome we’ve had since release has been taiga winter, until now.

I hope enough of the community voices interest in keeping this one around for Relic to add it permanently.

The could certainly stand to adjust the lighting angle, however, so that the side of objects facing the player camera isn’t the side cloaked in shadow.

They will very likely commit to their quota of fulfilling a full years cycle of content. It isn’t exactly a bad idea either, but we are indeed hurting for content elsewhere.

Would be nice to keep the seasonal biomes and maybe give them doodads to make them pop more during their related holidays, but I don’t know if that’s an option with the way they implemented biomes. In any case, it would be nice to have good looking snow biomes year round!

In case any developers are lurking; I’m pretty sure these blue bits are meant to be reflective. They’re meant to be ice, I’m pretty sure, but it kind of looks off because they are dull. Just pointing it out. There is also some issue with foliage on the Marshland map. I believe it may be using the wrong texture file (looks like Normal map).

The map looks great. Here is hoping berries and animals will also get biome variations.

EDIT: Upon closer inspection, some of it is reflective. There seems to be some variation on that texture, where some of it gets overlapped and dulls out. It might be losing its reflectivity too quickly though.

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It will surely come. Will just take time.

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