Can we put 10 farms in English Mill aura?


Does this work? Because the farms are partially in the respected mill aura which gives the gather rate bonus.

Have a good one!!

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No the range is actually only one tile while farms are 2x2 tiles large.

I thought the aura around the mill was 6x6? Are you saying it is 4x4? Or do farms need to be fully in the area? With other influences 1 tile inside the area is enough to get the bonus.

For all influence mechanics in the game it is enough to have one tile in the radius.
That’s why the influence radius of the mill is smaller than the area of the 8 farms you build.
You can see how the golden glow is not as big.

If i compare my little paint setup with an ingame screenshot it should be possible right?

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If I recall correctly from my experience from the open beta, I believe you only need part of the farm to be in the aura, so I think it works. We just need to wait for SotL to figure out what is more efficient.

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Isn’t that an older screenshot?
I think they made the area smaller in the last beta. But I can’t go back and check.

But even if I’m wrong, they’ll likely patch it because using 10 is an exploit I guess.

Why stop at 10? You can fit up to 12 going all to the outer grids (2, 3, 10, 11 OR 5, 6, 7, 8 can be brough in to be adjacent to the mill).


The extra travel the villagers should do would be worth it? I don’t know, we must wait for that youtuber that likes to make the farm maths.


the entire farm has to be in the area or it wont get the bonus. You cant put more than 8

I was about to post the same thing.

However, I remember reading somewhere that only farms that are directly adjacent to the mill have the bonus applied. Not sure though.

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why even bother tho? building another mill is only 50 wood (less than the discounted english farm), and you get to boost 8 more farms…


I think i will keep using 8 farm around the mill.

The extra movement of the worker will make lose food over time.

It is not wort it, to put more then 8 farm around one mill, when you play for a long game.

I even think that only puting 4 farm in a + formation whit the mill, will produce more food over time, since the 4 farm in the corner take more time to carry food to the mill.

You can have 5 farm arond the mill, at maximum production, if you use town center has a droop site.

Like this: