Can we re-design Indian cavalry for more historical accuracy

First of all I have to claim that I aint got to ask for a totally re-design, what I want maybe is just re-build the model and texture.

Obviously the Indian unit is the least historical accurate among the whole civs in this game, their infantry is mainly from British India or EIC and their cavalry are all imaginary bs, while the DE devs changes their flag to the Mughal one, that country didnt widely use camel and elephant for war sake.

Mughal Empire, which is one of the successor of Mongo Empire, conquered the Subcontinent with their infamous heavy cavalry, but in game their cavalry is just riding on a awful camel and even been designed as a inferior counterpart of hussar with their less cost and pop, in fact they should be more dreadful like cuirassier or spahi.

Since we get the new African civs to carry the character camel rider now, shall we face this problem as the dev propagate so vigorously “HOW THEY CARE THE CORRECTNESS OF NATIVE AMERICAN AND THEY DO SO MUCH EFFORT ON IT” when the game released. Well, as an Asian, I think I should have the same right to ask for it? To BREAK STEREOTYPE? Isnt it hypocrite that devs even didnt hesitate to change the game mechanic just to “correct” the misunderstand of Native, at the same time left all Asian behind. Not to mention how much ridiculous and absurd description of Asian is in this game atm.

Yet I dont want to alter too much to break the current balance(if there would be), thus my idea it to build a horse cavalry model to replace the camel meanwhile keep the unit state, then all players just dont need to learn anything new.


Just rename Indians to Mughals.