Can we talk about a serious topic with the ladder?

Ranked hasn’t released yet, which is good but at the same time we are forced to play maps we don’t want to, while typing this I’m on my 13th dodge from other players and some myself, is this a behavior we want or what are de developers going to do about this?


I believe the issue is that the data they gather from the people who don’t dodge is extremely valuable for the purposes of balancing both the civs and the maps, so it’s important that at least in unranked, and at least for now, people are “forced” to play them. Hopefully next week’s patch will make them more fair for all matchups.


could you please tell me where can I find more information about next week’s patch?
I’m waiting for HRE buff/balance and I wonder if it’s going to happen

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I knew about these changes/fixes, I hoped that maybe they posted more since last time…
I hope HRE gets some love when it comes to balance

thank you anyway!