Can we talking about corpse

I noticed during the Xbox Games Extended video that some corpses of units tended to disappear right after their death, on this point I think it’s a bug because others take longer.
But there is no state of decomposition, at least I haven’t seen anything on any game videos shown so far
i remember that AOE2 had that

Age of empire death

Age of empire death 2

Is this related to the fact that there is no blood ?

will it be like the arrows ? visually improve ?

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Corpses used to just pile up in AoE 2 but since DE, they only hang around for a second or so and then phase into the ground. AoE 4 might do the same thing.
The corpses are cool but they can be computationally demanding.


Computationally demanding? AoE2 has been able to run on a potato for years and years

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I used to find that the performance got worse as the number of corpses on the map increased.
Did you not encounter this?


On the cd version or voobly/hd?

If you have blood enabled the performance will become worse when there are a lot of corpses.

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I didn’t even know there was an option to enable or disable blood
Are you guys talking about DE, HD/Voobly, or the cd version

I never played voobly but I had the problem in HD and CD.
No issue in DE but there are no persistent corpses.

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I never had any problem and I had persistent corpses and blood mod on HD

If you have a weak PC, enabling blood takes a huge toll on your performance.

Then maybe you shouldn’t enable blood :thinking:

I don’t.

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