Can you fix up your bull sh*t servers?

Your servers are really out of date ! Over the last few weeks , it is quite hard to connect to your multiplayer match. I wonder if your guys are mainly focusing on AOE IV while AOE II DE is ignored ? Start Steam , Start AOE II DE , Endless time lag , Connection failed , Quit AOE II DE , Quit Steam , Start Steam… This fuc*ing loop happens every day and night … Your passive reaction disappoint my friends and I extremely cause you could address them asap . I have to suspect whether it is valuable for me to purchase AOE IV in advance or not.


I agree, I would say about every team game search ends up crashing before actually launching the match. With a wait time of 5-6 minutes with atleast 1 crash. That’s about 10-12 mins wasted just waiting for a match. Fix the matching making issues!