Can you include random_map.def in a mod upload?

I’m trying to mod this file so that map scripters can use a custom reference for the Rome at War mod, and utilize custom constants for the content it contains. However, the mod seems to now apparently have “invalid AoE mod files” included, which I suspect is the new .def file. Is it possible to make this work as an actual mod that can be included in datamods? @DodoNotDoDo, are you able to help here?

@DodoNotDoDo, you said you were investigated how viable it would be for this to be a thing, is that going to be an option? Thanks.

Give it a try now, should be allowed.

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It now lets me upload, but it doesn’t seem to actually mod over the file, is that something that can be added if it isn’t already?

Hmm, that part is outside my control. I can let the game team know but I can’t make any promises.

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Yeah, I assumed that would be the case. It would be great if it becomes moddable, otherwise there’s not really any benefit to including it in my mod. Thanks anyway.