Can you please fix these things

Hello aoe3 team,

I have 4000+ 1vs1 competitive games in aoe 3 de, I played it since the first day it came out…

I think the new content is fantastic, absolutely great job!

I have waited a long time to write this and have accumulated suggestions that are well thought out over a long period of time.

The biggest issues I and other players have is that we cannot really focus on actual core gameplay because gameplay issues and unreliable mechanics are very distracting and take away from the game.

If this game was just smoother with less gameplay issues and had more reliable mechanics, it would open up the door for so much more.

I have never really suggested any sort of change in this game but with every inch of my soul think a polish/ optimisation patch is now needed more than ever. Specifically for recommending this game, promoting this game, making content in this game, actively playing this game and more.

I have suggestions on how to make this game easier on the mind and more refined for a casual level and especially for a competitive level.

  • Everytime I load into a 1vs1 game, I cannot simply press enter and start typing. The words will not write in the chatbox untill I actually click in the chatbox.

  • When I want to view post game and click view map it takes me to main menu in 50% of my games.

  • Idle villagers don’t show up when gathering from berries after they run out.

  • Load into a singleplayer skirmish game without ai. Just you ,like in aoe 4 I believe, I just want to test stuff or make content without having to do “tuck tuck tuck” spending countless minutes pushing my enemy back.

  • When my explorer is tasked to build a trading post sometimes he will just stop in the middle of his journey there for no reason.

  • Remove extremely cluttered maps with extreme chokes from the map pool (nile river, highlands). They lead to poor pathfinding and often have herds (elephants) that hide in the corner and edges of these chokes and so on which just feels like a game breaking feauture. These maps really highlight the games issues. Open maps like the newly added arabia are great, or simply maps that aren’t just cluttered.

  • Is a ban map feauture not possible? I think maps are so important for balance.

  • Building docks. In 80% of the games it takes very long to be able to find a suitable spot for building docks, it is such a chore to build a dock, whether it’s lack of line of sight or it’s not suitable terrain, I think placing a simple dock or any building in general, shouldn’t be this hard for a player. Can villagers and travois get more line of sight over the water only? Because this happens to many people, very often. I’ve even often seen newer players on big streams trying this game out for the first time, attempting to build a dock, clicking it 20-40 times and then eventually giving up.

  • Sometimes when cavalry attack other units in an open field with nothing ELSE around, they are tasked to hit those units and then just randomly decide to back for no reason. This happens very often.

  • Can we have an auto attack button that we can disable in the options? Where whenever units get aggro’d they will just stand still instead of running into the enemy. Having to do standground every single game for every single unit is not viable. This is very helpful for new players.

  • Can we remove or change tribal marketplaces for native civs. Maybe they can give like a 2% or 5% coin gathering bonus which gives the players a choice at least. They cramp your base, block your herds, mess up pathfinding. I find you can’t even drag villagers off of them easy.
    Imagine you spawn on a map with a coin mine infront of your base with trees around the side of the coin mine and a hunt in the same area. Being forced to attempt to build tribal marketplaces there is just upsetting. Even if the marketplace was like the granary, smaller and you just needed to put it next to the coin mine instead of needing to task villagers to it, would already be better.

  • Inca priestesses react to the “all miltary gather point” , yet aztec priests don’t. A lot of inca players would find it better if they didn’t constantly get pulled of the plaza, despite them having the convert ability.

  • Can the community plaza hitbox be larger? You even see pro players click inside the community plaza and it will not task villagers to dance yet just stand still. I personally think anywhere you click in the community plaza should be to enable villagers to dance.

  • Artillery constantly unpacks. I’m aware a fix was attempted, is there no way to fix the constant artilery upacking, it just genuinely feels like a big bug. Light cannons and the sebastapol mortars only have one formation and they feel smooth.

I’ll leave it there as i’m not even sure if anyone will read this and don’t want to make this too long but there are more things.

  • Sometimes when cavalry attack other units in an open field with nothing ELSE around, they are tasked to hit those units and then just randomly decide to back for no reason. This happens very often.

very true