Can you please fix this game already? (Aoe II DE Microsoft Version)

Game’s been out for 3 Months now, can you please fix the annoying bugs already?

**-**Random game crashes when starting the game and selecting multiplayer
**-**Invisible units which is the most ■■■■■■■ annoying thing right now, units getting randomly invisible and uncontrollable
**-**Microsoft account bugs and store being unable to get updates
**-**Game becomes unstable and FPS drops

and the list goes on on… Come on guys, I understand that it’s still in its early days but start doing something, it is upsetting a lot of people now… :roll_eyes:



Acctually true and more: dinsconnect people all the time from multiplayer. Not buying the game at all.


Try to understand that:

  • it’s not epic game: developers can get a life. That’s something that matter for me. If you could work at least 1 month in the IT world, you would understand why.
  • it’s a small team. If they were 200 people to improve the game, i’m sure that most of your issues wouldn’t exist
  • It’s very difficult to optimise a game for all kind of configuration.
  • It may not be your case, but i see people complaining because it doesn’t work properly on win7, even if the game is specified as a win10 game, … Just to point that people are too exigeant.

By the way, I’ve never encountered an invisible unit in more than 200 match. I encounter bugs time to time but it’s normal for me. And 100 posts to cry for improvement won’t change a thing.

I’m happy to see that DE2 is not a mess. It’s a good remaster overall for a fair price. The game needs some improvement on performance and balance but it’s still good. We could have a horrible remaster like Warcraft3 reforged (as i heard, IT was a mess).


You don’t make sense at all…
You act like this is some free ■■■■ that we should all appreciate no matter how badly optimized it is, this is a legit business/company with big amounts of people buying their stuff, they need to commit to it no matter how hard it is… so reconsider your thoughts…


you paid 15$ (or 20$) for a remaster witht the promises of:

  • better graphics
  • new campaigns and slightly remastered campaign
  • server oriented multiplayer
  • 4 new civs
  • constant rebalance (for a while)
  • better multiplayer performances

You got these features: it was not a lie (except multiplayer performance for the first month, but now it’s better than HD). The game came out 3 months ago, and they already fixed the major issues of the game. 3 months… The game is new. Some AAA game are still bugged as ■■■■ after 1 or 2 years. Some AAA games still lack some features promised before the release.

Age 2DE is not perfect atm. But you could have worst. FAR worst. Give them some time. The single player part is almost perfect. The multiplayer is good with some issues. If someone should read your post, they would think they did absolutely nothing in the past 3 months…


Invisible units is a problem due lack of virtual memory and RAM, same most of the crashes if you even bother to check your event viewer, it shows the reason of the crash, 90% of the time is due the lack of space in the virtual memory, and i am telling you this since i had those issues back at october.

You are pointing fps drops, humm most of those issues have been partially fixed, unless you have an old cpu with bad IPC.

In fact your complaints sounds like your hardware can’t keep up with the game.

Whats is wrong the clans?

Microsoft Store updates trough windows update, so you need to check that in order to get the updates.


I can’t stand the disconnects! An hour into the game and it kicks me out. Literally wasting my time playing when this happens. I understand the other issues take time, but the crashing, please fix ASAP!


Sorry but for me there’s a huge difference between listing point that does not work and saying that developers are lazy and incompetent. And that was what OP said.

There’s bugs on this game but since it’s quite new, i can live with it for now. Customer is the king. But a king does not need to be a jerk!


Maybe my post did come off as jerky, but you misunderstood what I said. I never said the developers are lazy, I’m talking about the insiders making excuses for the developers. Developers who in my opinion rarely if ever ready these boards. If they do they are most likely reading what insiders post and that’s where my frustration was geared towards.

There’s no excuse why there cant be an acceptable in game friends list. The current one, is simply ridiculous. I knew people that worked at Ensemble Studios who never played multiplayer at all and I think that’s what’s going on here. So I’m counting on you insiders to relay the multiplayer needs to them.


Dude don’t act like Insiders are actually different people, to be labeled as such. It’s just a tag for the forum name, doesn’t really mean anything.

What happens is that you stumbled across people that are somewhat reasonable to game devs (or even just plain disgree with you, what for some reason seems to be really offensive to you), but in terms of getting new features for the game, I can assure you that everyone else is just as eager as you are. There is no need to be disrespectful.

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No our problem the game must be ready for the first day.


excuses for mediocre product that’s why we deserved an mediocre industry.


Sorry, I am an Insider and at same time I am starting to be critical about the development of the game after its release.

But I do not feel insulted :slight_smile: Nevertheless, there are many posts with bug reports and many more with game balance proposals and yet there is no official reaction. So you are not alone in trouble :wink:

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I know they need time to fix most of the issues but at least they can announce what they’re working on. It’s been a long time after last fix and I still couldn’t see any news about upcoming fixes.


It’s not a AOE2 problem. It’s the new generation of game problem. And the main cause is internet. Before internet, you had to release a nearly perfect game because it was not possible to make correction. So companies spent a lot of money on testing. Now they don’t. YOU are the tester. It’s a bad habit but it won’t change anymore. Previously test could reach 50% of the money invested. Now they don’t have to spend so much. They got tester for free and even better, their tester paid for the game, so they paid to test. 11. Just look at some AAA games that comes out with so many bugs (Hello Fallout76 :O).

Your frustation comes from the game industry not from this game. And I agree with you. But I really think they manages to minimise the damage of this release in october. (If dev had something to say, they wouldn’t have released it in october, but probably in january but you know, there’s managers and they don’t even care)

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I don’t see how justify thid capitalist vice could do any good. Long story short, the game is a bug fest. Why? How? Doesn’t matter at all. I’m still waiting for buying it. And it’s a shame, because I’m really looking up to it, but I won’t pay a half-baked product.

I don’t blame developers. I blame managers. They only care for the money. If your product is broken, fix it before selling it. Simple. Hire more people, delay the launch day, IDK. just don’t scam people



software and games are written and created by people. And where there are people, there are also mistakes. My opinion is that the programmers do a good job of fixing the bugs. However, not every game situation can be tested exactly and you will always have to deal with small bugs. However, in my opinion, the game is a huge success and I really enjoy it. Some mistakes will never be completely fixed. Nor do I think that this is about the managers in any way. Unless you’re privy to the production of the game, I wouldn’t dare look for someone to blame. If there is any here.



Look, the fact of the matter is, for about a month now, I cannot see kill/losses stats at the end of games. It is one of my favorite parts of finishing a big game, seeing how efficient I was in comparison to the other players. And now, the game just doesn’t calculate kills or losses…like at all. How can something that has never been broken in over 20 years, now be broken?

An annoying problem for sure but it does not affect your gameplay at all. It’s probably easy to fix it (since the game calculate the score correctly during a match) but i does not justify to push a build early to fix it.

You’re probably not familiar with the IT process, but you don’t want to push feature by feature, every week. Releasing a big package is easier and less time consumming. HotFix are different because they came out few day after a patch and fix really big issue (like the cross-wall bug after the last patch).

The game is not perfect but give them time :wink:

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I would be happy to give them time if I had any reassurance that they are actually working on it, but we don’t see much in the way of feedback.