Can you please fix this game already? (Aoe II DE Microsoft Version)

That bug was introduced on hotfix released 23th of last month. bug was listed on patch notes it was known from testing. There will be February patch later this month which is likely fix this issue as it doesn’t sound that big thing although last patch didn’t change anything related to bug so finding reason for bug might take some time as it’s low priority

The biggest bug in whole AOE2 existence atm is the kill counter.

Please fix the kill counter somehow.
As a mod creator and someone who only plays mods, this is game breaking.
Majority of scenarios do not work properly anymore, including the classic CBA game.
This is the worst state the game has ever been since release for mod creators.


3 months and counting

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It is not acceptable that a product we paid for is not functional several months after release. It should have worked perfectly on release day, that is a bare minimum for every other industry. Bootlickers like you are why games are now exempt from basic quality assurance. The guy is completely correct, and it’s funny that the posts that were “flagged by the community and temporarily hidden” are the most truthful ones.

Over 50% of multiplayer games end up with someone being disconnected. And not the same people - different people every time. Stuff like this should be flat out illegal.


What why? What do you mean?

Correct me if I am wrong, but invisible units only occurs when using the HD texture pack, right?

My experience was exactly that and it was solved by uninstalling that content.

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Lack of communication. It’s true. But i have faith on them

We could argue, but in my opinion it’s not so much. Don’t forget that christmas hits every dev team for every game.

  • I’m not agree with the way game industry works today. But AOE2DE is really not the worst, far from that!
  • 50% of the game? Well, i should be luck, it’s only 2 or 3% of mine… and i cannot know if the game actually crash or my opponent disconnect for some reason
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what RTS has a worse drop rate than AOE2DE?

others are experiencing far worse drop rates, you might even complain as much as we are if you had people dropping in almost every single game (including yourself)

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Just curious, how long has the game been out? I’m asking this because things like the map creator has issues with triggers not working. I agree it takes time because coding isn’t easy especially looking for problems and then trying to fix them. I’m assuming it’s a small team working on the issues and knowing the other games they have to deal with having issues can us up manpower. I stopped playing Destiny 2 a while back because the lack of manpower verse the many issues that still exist not being fixed from the day it released.

Manpower seems to be an issues with most gaming companies these days, spreading themselves out way to thin working on another project or too many projects going at once giving some game minimal effort. I think this is where companies need to take a step back and evaluate whats actually going on. Is it actually worth throwing content out there and not really being tested for the sake of throwing content out there just to get it out the door? Or, is it well worth the time to take time giving quality content?

There are some bugs but very minimal, it’s frustrating yes, but it has no more bugs than other games.

For me the biggest issue is the lag and disconnects when playing multiplayer. Some games run smoothly, but so many games result in either random disconnects, the AoE2:DE client hanging, or huge FPS drops and stuttering. It is really, really frustrating and kills my desire to play. Single player games always run smoothly so it must be a networking issue.


I agree with you that really annoys. what struck me is that it is mostly the players (red clock) where it causes. I myself was unfortunately also due to a router error.