Can you please make an option to FFA dont allow teaming?

like if a player atack you, only that player can attack you the next minute
and to avoid that other player atack other player intentionally each minute to avoid one player being atacked (his not shown to others palyer’s ally) make that he has to kill a big certain number of units of the player being atacked in order to avoid being atacked by other players. So we dont play FFA 1 hours just to be teamed by people 2vs1 all time.

This isn’t viable. FFA isn’t treaty, anyone can attack anyone. Lets say he attacks you, now nobody can attack you but You can attack anyone? That doesn’t seem fair

if soemone atacks you you can defend urself but not being atacked by another player at same time, or game will finish in minutes
at the end, 2 players win

2 attacks you. 3-8 can’t for sometime. But you can attack 3-8. Lets see the abuse

Two team up. 2-3 team. 2 attacks 3 just to trigger what you request. 3 now can’t be attacked by 1 and 4-8. 3 comes to 1, as he had massed 50 cavs, and destroys your base.

how are you going to atack 3-8 if 1 player is killing you?
no he cant be atacked because he is atacking someoen already
anythign is better that being all players crushed by those player that kill 2vs1 , 1 by one

I understand your frustration but its free for all, its a dogpit fight till the last town standing. The ‘best’ player doesnt nessicarily win all of the time because of the nature of it. I would not reccomend playing it with random people who might be collaborating in secret its most fun with people you know.

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ok now i will play ffa always with my friendsd so if someone its killing 2vs1 i cant defend myself otherwise i will be crushed 2vs1 100% games

I see your point, it sucks getting 2v1 - 3v1, but that’s the nature of the gamemode. Oftentimes people like to focus the player with the higher score to prevent him from getting an advantage, people want to win and that’s why they do it.

Also I see this problem with your solution,

  • Green, Yellow, Purple and Cyan are playing FFA, but Cyan has more skill than the rest of the players. To win, cyan only has to attack them one by one and the rest of the players won’t be able to stop him beacuse they cannot attack him.

Then again, getting teamed when it’s supposed to be a FFA sucks, but it’s the nature of the gamemode. FFA is where the low skilled players have a shot at winning (or at least getting in 2nd place) and that’s what it makes fun imo.

not even karserklein top 1 on ranked mode, or nobody can win 2vs1 game. My opinion was that cyan yellow purple and green on ffa, lets say green atacks yellow, its ok he destroyed it. But then he finds that yellow and purple are teaming. He is crushed no matter he is the most skilled player. End of game.

On my ffa game:
green atack yellow, yellow run and rebuild
green now is being atacked by cyan, they fight a long time
purple is friend of cyan and atack green together they win

or lets says the same scenary happens, and there are another 4 players
purple and cyan are teaming secretly , they crush every player 2vs1 one by one.
Skills make no difference, GG.

Others players send messages to other players so they can defends themselves 2vs2, no answer. GG

The only form to win a FFA if 2vs1 happens is match is 2vs2.

There is no fun on rebuilding like for 1 hours, and then being crushed in 3 min for 2 players, unless 2vs1 turn 2vs2. But that doesnthappen, game doesnt have voice chat, typing is very slow, other player is very far on the map, no chance he cant defeend you. GG better dont waste 1 hour for a 3 min battle