Can you please remember Random Civ Option or not?

Could you please add the Random Civ Option choice (if more than half enables it, everyone gets random civ) into the settings file? I am tired of setting it after every game/application launch.

Please, its just a binary Variable too.


Forcing other players to go random civ via democracy seems wrong.


Agreed, it should be like Map selection, every Random Civ Option has 1/x (x = player amount) chance to turn all civs into random civ.
So 3 of 8 random civs options enabled results in a 37,5% chance that everyone gets random civ

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No everyone should have the options to play random civs or not if you want everyone to play random civs then everyone would need to agree or it should be enabled as a part of the game settings.


Sorry, not going to argue with a civ picker ¯\(ツ)

I personally prefer to go random most of the time. Yes there are times were i pick s civ but i think the main difference lays in the knowgledge you allready have from the civs

Eventho repetitive picking just over power level in my opinion is lame

Guilty, I don’t like when my chooses are invalidated. I have not master every civ and I don’t want you to have the power force me to play with civs I’m not familiar with.


@Ifavorwining And you dont think after having a grip over a certain civ still playing the same civ isnt boring?

There is no thing as being incapable of playing new civs. This isnt aoe4. Every civ has the same units and upgrades available. With the Tech hover over the civ emblem on the top and the tech tree you can read it and play with generic units or know which unit to go for.

There is no excuse for civ picking.

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Must say generally new people tend to play the same civ over and over and i wouldt judge them

When it comes to more expirenced player civ picking certain civs just for their power spike then im not the biggest fan of it

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Isnt the point of op just the queue to remember their settings? Just as you don’t have to set your map prefs each time you launch the game. That’s how I understand stand it.

Besides that there isn’t a lot you can do about people disabling the random button. Yes it’s incredibly boring to play against civ pickers but that’s how it is. One more reason to introduce ranked lobbies or dedicated random civ queues for arabia and arena. Maybe it also would be good to have a 50/50 system in current queue. When one player enables random and the other doesnt make it coin tossing what the outcome is. At the beginning it used to biased for random but ever since the change it has been biased towards civ pickers. Both aren’t fair imo.

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No just because you know how to play a civ doesn’t make it boring in the same way as playing spy isn’t boring once you know how to play spy. And besides picking civs doesn’t restrict you to one civ I’m perfectly comfortable trying new civs.

Yes it is, that is what i meant, we drifted apart from the actual topic a bit, naturally

When it comes to that it should be indeed coded do it remember the last setting or give you an Option for it

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Agreed, that setting should be saved. Sometimes I like to play random civ, other times I want to practice a strat with a specific civ. It doesn’t make sense that it always defaults to individual random civ, but disables the option for everyone going random. I want to play either random vs random or pick vs pick, playing random vs pick just results in a disadvantage most games.

I actually really like the way DE has picks/randoms set up, the only complaint is that the settings don’t save. Also it would be nice if your color preference would save.

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Picking civs killed civ diversity on team games, even in 1x1 is boring to face a guy who always picks the same civ and does the same, ranked games are not tournaments matches, the elo obtained by playing only a civ doing the same is as fake as the 5k elo players on the tg ladder, just look at hoang he never wins at any tournament.

I hope TG ranked lobbies are the next thingy announced on their road map and we can finally have rdm civ encounters.

One of the reason why TGs are just a graveyard of sportsmanship and fun is Civ pickers. Dont expect the developers to address it, they follow the popular demand.

Can you explain how sportsmanship is related to picking civs? My opponent may pick Franks or get Franks assigned by random, but there’s no difference from my perspective, both options are fair and play out the same.

The random civ vote option is also a great feature that allows players to play random vs random, or have a fallback civ pick if the opponent picks. Either way it remains a fair match.

The only time it’s a problem is if you go random and get a weak civ against an opponent that picks a strong one, but the system is designed in a way that you never have to do this.

Are people so bored of top civs that they feel the need to go random every game for something different? Even in that case wouldn’t it be better to pick a fallback off-meta civ to guarantee you don’t get the top 5 overplayed civs.


I think the bigger problem is how the player color chooses the position. Civ picking would be fine, somewhat, but only if the “Flank” civ might have to play pocket and vice versa. I’m fine if it’s an option for lobbies, but it really should be random.

I think both should be random, as we used to play old-school. But yeah sure, choosing the position makes games so badly predictable. Yikes.