Can you spectate live ranked games?

I would love to watch some ranked games live especially 1v1’s. I’m pretty sure I was in a ranked team game once and there was a spectator. Does anyone know how to do this?

You can spectate all alive ranked game as i know.go to spectate game section and search for games then join any game which writes AUTOMATCH also you can see the players and the map they are playing but it has a delay about 4 minutes i think? Or you can make a detailed search in same section by choosing ranked or unranked etc.

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Hey thanks. I watched a 1v1 between two 1500’s live last night it was pretty sweet. Thanks for the info!

Go to --> matches --> ongoing matches and filter on rating. You’ll find the highest ranking matches there (You might need to log into with your steam account for this to work, not sure). Then just search for one of the players in the multiplayer lobby spectation section and you’ll be able to find the match. Sometimes you’ll have to refresh a couple of times and/or try both (or more) of the player names.

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Awesome I’ll try that out. Thanks a lot!