[CANCELLED] The Colosseum - a $500 1v1 Rome at War tournament

Edit: Tournament has been cancelled, details in comments

Hello everyone,

Myself and @BiGPaPaDrej are excited to announce the first ever AoE2 tournament featuring the Rome at War data mod, The Colosseum! This is a single elim, 1v1, mid elo tournament for players who want to push the boundaries of civ design and competition within Rome at War. More info on the Rome at War Discord: ROMAE AD BELLUM
The Colosseum Handbook: The Colosseum – Rome at War 1v1 Handbook - Google Docs

Spark notes:

  • Rome at War data mod
  • $500 prize pool
  • 1v1, 1300-1700 elo
  • 32 player signups
  • It will be cast on Twitch, and the games uploaded to Youtube

We hope to get a good crowd for the hype! Even if the slots get filled up we would love to see you there!


Our prize pool has now been increased from $200 to $500, thanks to a generous donation.


Unfortunately, due to the disappointingly low player turnout, we’ve decided that the best way forward is to cancel our planned tournament. This doesn’t mean that competitive Rome at War is off the table, far from it. Instead, we will be opening an “Expressions of interest” channel in the Discord server. Players of any elo will be able to fill out their details here, and when we feel we have sufficient players to actually host an event, we will do so. Thanks for your understanding.

Do you know the “AOE 1 & 2 RTR COMMUNITY”? They are hosting a 2v2 tournament with 34 teams. I wonder if they had known about the one you tried to host https://challonge.com/pt_BR/epb8c7kh

Rome at War is nothing like RoR though.

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Ah, I see. I’d read only half of it, missed the part about Rome at War mod, sorry :frowning: