Cancelling intersection of T-shaped wall gives back a huge amount of stone

Patch 7989.

Step 1:
Order construction of a stone wall in this shape (doesn’t seem to work with palisades, normal or Rus).

Step 2:
Select the intersection and cancel.

Step 3:
Profit (of around 4000 stone).

More intersections

More profit


Checked and it works exactly as explained.
It’s by far the easiest infinite resource bug discovered until now.

I do hope the devs include a fix for this one on next week patch. Otherwise we will have broken team games until Spring… :frowning:


As seen in this video: This exploit might be the reason you lose, stone walls banned in future tournaments? - YouTube
So it grants infinite amount of stone if you spend like around 120 stone first. Hopefully we get a hotfix.

In addition and a little bit related to the above, apparentely canceling the phantom stone walls also results in losing (not gaining) stone, so I would recommend the developers to take another look at the stone walls in general.


I didn’t make this video. Saw a guy post it on reddit. Seems using this exploit you can get thousands of stone. Extremely easy to do.


Great, now we will have to wait a few months for the devs to fix this bug


This honestly may be the most severe resource dupe yet, as it has massive ramifications very early in the game (2 tc builds / wall/tower rushing)


Probably a few weeks for them to actually recognize it xD

Thank you for the report. Our team is currently tracking this issue and you can expect to see a fix shortly within the 2022 summer patch.


Market bro… Nevermind all that other stuff


Replying just for exposure. This should be priority #1. Its a simple exploit easily replicable in all game modes and will ruin the online play of the game, which will ruin the player experience and retention. Hoping Relic addresses this ASAP


Same. This is way to easy to exploit.

Welp, looks like single player only for a while. Can’t trust gamers

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Yikes. I doubt this’ll be patched in the Winter Patch. This sucks because the game was going to be playable with that - but now I’m not so sure. Hopefully they’ll patch this up quickly.


This is pretty much breaking multiplayer.

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confirmed. this exploid has to be fixed today

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EDIT: /notsarcasmforrealsies 1 Day later it and the other big resource exploits got patched, good job guys! That was a super quick turn around!

Sorry, we need to wait for CAB that happens every second Tuesday, get manager approval, and sign off from our department VP, who’s on vacation. Then we need to submit it to our contractually obligated external QA that has internet slower than the speed of smell in an off shore location, wait 2 weeks for them to finish testing it and certify it and then have them ask for an extension because they forgot to do our work request because they’re working for multiple clients undisclosed to us.


I am hoping the fix they did for the 30% court architects also fixes this issue. That’s the only chance we are going to be able to play without game breaking exploits after this patch.

2nd best option is a hot fix later after the patch.

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Just another moment for the fallen ones. And a WOW to de-stress these beautiful game breaking bugs that won’t allow us to enjoy the game. Can Developers fix this with the winter patch? Knowing they need years to fix game breaking bugs?

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So even a brand new AOE game can’t be free of bugs like that 11
I’m not too worried now that I don’t have the game yet lol.