Cannibal-Escape v3
This thread is for discussing the above scenario.
Its a multiplayer only (5-7 players).
Let me know if you encounter any bugs/issues or if you got some new ideas/suggestions.

I tried my best balancing it, but since the strength of P7 (hunter) is very player dependant, there might still be some balancing issues.


One of the funniest custom scenarios around!

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I tried to use useless plant remover. When map loaded i received some warning regarding unsuccessful loading of some assets. One game i just pressed OK and then played the game, But there were some bugs like infinite harvest speed upgrade. Also hunter was really weak. He played for the first time so I don’t know what happend.
Second game - same message appeared after map loading, but it kicked me out of the game immediately.
It’s not a problem to play without useless plant remover, but there is a lot of stuff that i can’t recognise if it is a tree or just a decoration. And it’s pretty annoying when building around jungles in the corners.
Anyway, it is a lot of fun!

Hey Tomso!

Note that mods such as plant remover are most intended to be used on standard games, and can be expected to work unintended on custom scenarios. Also, bear in mind that all the flora on the map is decorative, so you don’t need to worry very much about what is a tree and what is not. To do a quick check just hover a build-wall command over it.

Holy ■■■■ what a pain to make a xboxlive, outlook and aoe accoutn just to reply.

Please put a link to discord,email, whatever :smiley:

So a few bugs with red (player 2): He can make the upgrades for food gathering and gold production infinitely, he can make infinite, he can make a tc with the castle age upgrades in it and a lot of his buildings/units cost stone as well as food and wood.

Bug with the map I think? There is only 3 piles of stone all in one place on the top right corner.

This is all for version 7.2

Thanks a lot for this great scenario with as much fun as red player donkeys :smiley:

Also maybe make turtles less garbage?


Hey mate, your Steam ID on the mod page doesn’t actually lead to your Steam profile. Fantastic map, I’d just like to give more feedback as I play through it repeatedly.

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Imposible to play, it always crashes after a few minutes

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There is an issue with v10 that i still havent figure out
I will try to fix the issue on following days