Cannot choose closed beta in steam properties! Help

I have recently gotten an invite to participate in the beta of AoE III Definitive Edition and activating the game on steam worked just fine, however I cannot choose the closed beta in properties, which makes the secondary code useless, how can I solve my issue?

Hi @YeOldeScallywag, You need to redeem the 2nd code first before you will be able to select closed beta in properties.

But that is just the thing, how can I redeem the code, if I have nowhere to put it? I already activated the product with the steam code… Maybe I’m misunderstaing

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Nevermind, I am just a dumbass. For some reason the code did not work the first few times, I believe I have now resolved the issue. Thanks for the help, hope I didn’t waste anyone’s time :X


You’re welcome. No worries.

It’s possible you copied an extra space when selecting the code from your invite email which Steam did not accept.

For anyone else: Make sure that the ‘Opted out of all Beta participations’ is changed to ‘closed-beta’ or ‘microsoft-beta’ before entering the second Code. Whatever is available to you.
(In my Case it was Microsoft-Beta instead of closed-beta)

I also got invited to the beta. I got the email and it mentioned “visiting the forums” and clicking on the word “forums” directed me to a link saying " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.". So i was wondering if that message is supposed to be there? Or if i have may have messed up my account in the past or possibly created 2 different accounts?

Hi @ChancierPrism63, Try these instructions: Q: I was invited to the beta but I can't access the beta forums!