Cannot download Scenarios (keeps looping Sign in process)

Every time I try to download a Scenario, it asks me to sign in. So I do, and end up at the home page. I browse back to Scenarios and try again -> Again asking me to sign.

This is repeating for Firefox, Chrome and Edge. So doubt it is a browser related thing. But what it is then?

Hi @HelepolisAoE, I was able to reproduce the issue and forwarded your report onto the team. Since it is the weekend the team is out of the office but hopefully sometime next week they will have an opportunity to look into the issue.

Cheers. Thanks for the forwarding. Also I am unable to upload scenarios. Similar issue to this person Can someone help me sharing my custom scenario?

Same issue, I am logged in, asks me to log in again and forwards me back to home page, tried different browsers, different computers and creating new account. same problem for a few weeks now.

We believe this issue has been fixed. Please try again and let us know!

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I can confirm it’s fixed, both uploading and downloading custom scenarios.

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@Plus2Joe awesome.

Will give it a go when I am back home after work.

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