Cannot download specific mods

Hi, there, I’m running AOE2 DE version 101.101.43210.0 5867313 from steam. I subscribed to Eternal Civilization mods ( 3 mods in total including main, UI and art), they appear in the mod manager tab as downloading, but the download seems never finish. After some time, if I switch tab in the mod manager, i.e. from installed mod to browse mods, they will disappear from my subscription list and I can re-subscribe in game, although the download will never finish either. On this AOE2 website all three mods are already subscribed by my both microsoft and steam accounts.

After some time mods disappeared form list, note that priority of existing mods are not continuous.
Also I checked the local folder for mods, it is empty, no new folders were created in those download process, it seems the game actually did not download anything.

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