Cannot get higher resolution other than 1680x1050


In Age of Empires: Definitive Edition the max resolution that I can choose is 1680x1050, although I have a monitor that can support up to 1080p and also an RX 580 graphics card.

Is this the max resolution the game can accept? How do I fix this?

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that is the maximum windowed resolution you can pick.
If you chose full screen the game will automatically set the resolution to same as your desktop resolution.


Thanks for your response, but I already tried that and I keep getting the same resolution. Does it matter that I’m using dual monitors? Althought I just get the game in one monitor (using full screen)

Hi @arielcr85, you’ll have to ignore what the game setting says if you are playing the game full screen because the setting is for windowed mode only.

I understand the confusion. Age of Empires III has a much better laid out and more familiar game settings menu.

The screenshot of game settings below proves that even though the Available Window Resolutions shows 1680x1050 the actual full screen resolution is 1920x1080.


Got it! So I’ll trust what I see! Thanks!