Cannot host a ranked game?

So it seems that you cannot play a ranked game that is hosted. Why must you HAVE to use the auto search to play a ranked game? why cant you host a ranked game. is there something that I am missing here?

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Anybody? How exactly are you supposed to host a ranked game? There is selection in UI to allow to show only “ranked” games but obviously it’s empty since you can not host one. And since you can not host one you can not selected your unit color, to counter pic civ or chat before the game if need arises. Is it a bug or it’s intended behavior?

If this is intended behavior, pretty good chance im returning the game within the return window

I think this is intended behavior, and thats a good thing or people could abuse the ranked system with impunity. Counter picking factions is also not really fair since it will just become ppl changing civs over and over again before the game even starts. I like this change and I hope they never go back to the old system when it comes to ranked games. Still would be nice if a developer would confirm if this is intended behavior or not.

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