Cannot install mod because my Windows username has an "é" in it

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34223.0 4509956
  • Steam


I cannot install mods through the in-game installer. When I subscribe to one, my mod list updates, but there is a red exclamation mark in front of the mod instead of the box that I can tick.
Apparently it’s because the mod installer doesn’t like my name, and cannot find its way to actually install the mod. Hence why the “open directory” button doesn’t work either. When I go look in the mods folder, it appears a folder for said mod was created. But the only thing in it is the “info.json” file.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a windows account with a special character in the name
  2. Try to install a mod on said account

Hey there! Thank you for the report. The team is tracking this issue so we can work on a fix. You can keep an eye on our social channels for update notes when we’re able to implement a fix.

Thanks again, and happy hunting!