Cannot launch or re-install from MS store

Pre-loaded game from Windows Store on 13th, downloaded with no problem and began playing with no issues on my Windows 10 PC shortly after 4pm GMT on the 14th. When attempting to launch on the 15th, the game does not open, instead taking me to MS Store page for Xbox Companion App, AoE II DE shortcut on desktop and toolbar has also disappeared. Uninstalled the game and when trying to re-install through MS Store, now repeatedly get ‘Try again later, something happened on our end’.

I have read FAQs relating to issue on this site and tried them all to no avail. Gone through MS online and phone support and they don’t seem to have a clue what I’m even talking about let alone how to fix it, repeatedly giving me troubleshooting tips as if it was an Xbox One issue rather than a PC one. I’ve reset the Windows Store multiple times, restarted PC multiple times and tried downloading other games from the store with no issue. I just can’t work out what’s wrong, it worked fine on launch day but is now bricked following the title update and the rest of the store works perfectly.

Hi, good afternoon, is it solved your problem already? because i have the same problem since two or three monts ago, i did all the steps in the “Windows Store: I receive an error when trying to download the game: 'Try again later. Something has happened on our end.” aaaaaannnnd nothing happened. please let me know if you solved the problem and how. thanks