Cannot play LAN games

Game Version:

  • Build (newest)
  • Platform (Microsoft Store)


When opening the Multiplayer section (and waiting for it to connect) it does only show very few lobbies (around 5 to max 10). A lobby created by myself is seen by others, but not friends within the same region.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Connect to Multiplayer lobbies
  2. Reload lobbies


I have a different problem but it is probably linked;
I get disconnected from the servers after 4-5min which yields to a game loss.
I only see a few games in the lobby too.

Yesterday I tried using my phone as a hotspot and my problem was solved (although the game was a bit laggy). In addition, the lobby was packed with games. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence since the patch got released yesterday and might have brought many players on the server?

So I suggest you try using your phone as a hotspot to see what happens.
Do you have any connexion issues when playing against nonlocal opponents?