Cannot task villagers to build via triggers

Why is it not possible to task villagers to build a foundation via trigger?
Usually they build it themselves but only in 2 at max. What if I want to task 10 of them to built a wonder? 1 or 2 automatically go to build it while the rest just stand there and do nothing.

Well, currently, the graphic foundation is associated with the building/object itself. There is no “foundation” object. (I don’t think anyway.) It should be able to in theory but, the last time I tested it in the editor, it did not work. (I will try again though and edit post.)

Edit: Doesn’t work still. (It would be nice if we had a ‘build’ task…) ALTHOUGH, I noticed a crash if you try to ‘pack’ or ‘unpack’ a villager. (reported the crash just now.)

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However you can select foundation from object in area condition to detect it so maybe foundation is a certain kind of object?

That is true but, I think that they are ‘still working on the editors features’. Without a ‘action_type’ of ‘build’, nothing will work. (Except for AI stuff.)

edit: Well, if you know how the AI stuff works, you can add this to it:

(up-assign-builders c: wonder c: 100)

100 being the # of villagers to build.