Cannot upload or release any mod on

It’s the same error with the compression method. Can you upload the zip somewhere that I can download it and check it out?

I use Bandzip to compress,you can try but sometimes failed,it makes me puzzled.

It must be doing something non-standard with the compression that’s causing it to fail. You can check the settings and see if there’s something there you can change to fix it. Otherwise I’d recommend you use a different app.

hello, i’m fail to upload my mod(campaign mod which name “HD Forgotten Campaigns CN”) for entire day, both in the game and browser. how to solve it?

@DodoNotDoDo please help me ,thank you

Your zip has desktop.ini files in it, which aren’t allowed. Remove those and it should publish.

thank you, but I have not find what you said “desktop.ini files” in my upload zip, how to seach it and remove? i try to upload my zip on this Forum to present to you so that you may help me ,but the Forum seem to not allow to do this. @DodoNotDoDo

In Windows Explorer, go to the folder(s) where your mod files are. Go to the folder options and select the option to show hidden files:


That should allow you to see the desktop.ini files and delete them. You can probably do it directly in your zip file too, depending on what app you use.

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yes!! finally!!! thank you very much!! :gift_heart: :sparkling_heart: @DodoNotDoDo

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