Cannt create topics on other sections

I once wrote a topic regarding issues in AoE 2 DE. By mistake i end up posting in the insiders section and a moderator took his time to change the category.
Currently i m trying to avoid creating one in a section in which doesnt belong but the forum only allows me to write in this one.

I will end up doing it anyway and try to modify it once publish, if anyone has an explanation for this problem i will be greatfull to know.
My account hasnt been an beta insider of any of the definitive edition saga, i m only an insider with a β€œMember” trust level.

I was able to change the category by editing the topic.

Hi @MarianoHM9814, Please navigate to to create a topic in any desired category. Only browse to a subcategory if you would like to create a topic in that subcategory.

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