Canons in deck

For the purpose of balance. Can canons be removed from deck until Industrial? This should bring better chances to native civs and it should kill that build fast to fortress go with 2 canons shipment and ending your opponent who might not have an answer or will sacrifice too much or even lose to those 2 canons.

To be clear. Not asking for canons to be removed from the Fortress age, when you make them from the Artillery foundry. But from the deck itself. With this if players want to still go with that early push of musketeer+canon they would require to build an Artillery foundry. This should bring another meta. And balances matches more

For industrial I’m unsure whether they should be removed from deck. Industrial is a huge investment. But Fortress is an age most players go to in most of the matches.

Hell, no please. If that should happend i will stop aoe3DE definitly you can be sure ^^.


This would severely mess with game balance and available strategies. Like it would kill the Spanish civ completely, and other teams that rely on FF like Dutch. Teams that thrive in Age 2 would be waaay stronger if they knew they never had to worry about early canons.

Too big of a change, it would change the meta way too much which would cause a big balance problem.

Hehe, you really trying to push for your turtling style, I get it, but this one is just too much.

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Goodbye to Spain if this happens lol
and an indirect buff to Germans? no please.

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Learn how to counter canon with native civs. That’s all.

I don’t have issues against 2 canons
This has nothing to do with my style. I just had a thought seeing other people streams. And new players struggle a lot vs these kind of pushes which have no brain to it. Just FF into 2 Canon.

If anything I like the 2 canons it helps me close some games and helps me defend pushes. Just as an overall strategy, Forcing players to build artillery foundry instead of using those 2 canons would open up new ideas.

Germany would love this a little too much. I have been thinking that the game swings a little too much on the outcome of falc fights though. It’s possible that 1 falc + artillery foundry wagon or some other bonus attached to a 1 falc shipment would be a bit healthier for the game than 2 falc, but a change like this will never be widely accepted.

What the probleme with 2 falc? Should we remove 3 vili shipment or fast age up?

the only problem I see with two falcs comes with match-ups where both players have the shipment. The entire game is often decided on who gets their two falc shots off first. It’s a little too swingy. I would prefer to just make artillery foundries more accessible rather than change 2 falc tho.

Not a big probleme ^^