Can't add own Historical Battles

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  • GAME BUILD #: Current 23.4.2023
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 11

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Following issue with modding in new Historical battles ( MP COOP )
The plan was to add new maps to the orginal list, including new civs and COOP
But there are multiple issues

  1. Once trying to create a lobby the game will simply go Bugsplat crash
    1.1 You can work that around by opening a lobby with an orginal HB first.
  2. Once reaching into the lobby, the player slots are bugged out, showing AI as free player slot.
    2.1 Again you can work around that by creating a coop lobby first with only 2 players
  3. Once uppon Launching, the game will once again bugsplat.
    3.1 No workaround for this
  4. Trying to make a " mod " for this, will make you unable to play with other people, alltho it only edits the "campaing\Historical Battle\Historicalbattle.xml "

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Reproduction is mostly explained above.

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Being able to create own Historical battles, and add them to the propper list.

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Proof for Nr 1

Proof for Nr 1.1

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I know that for single player you can copy and paste the historicalbattles.xml file in the HB folder and it won’t complain when you try to host a HB in Multiplayer. I haven’t actually tested if it produces desync error, because nobody wants to play coop, haha. At least with me :frowning:

What I haven’t tried is the list of HB’s that displays when you want to host a new HB, because I don’ know where that file is.

Its the same

Cant even get that far, since the game just closes with bugsplat error

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I can get this far. Sorry for the white space

I have added videos, you can watch as proof :smiley:

I suppose you can’t breakout of this bug

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