Can't connect steam game to xboxlive

Hey guys, I’m looking for some help because I can’t, for the life of me, connect to my xbox live from the game main menu. Let’ me explain my problem.

I’ll begin by saying that I’m able to play multiplayer just fine, because I did a couple of match before thinking about registering an xbox live account. So, some days ago I decided to register, logged in xbox website and xbox console companion on my pc just to be sure everything was in order, and tried to connect to my xbox live account from AoEII DE main menu. From the pop-up window I logged with the mail I registered my account and it asked me for permission, but at this point no matter what I click, being it “yes” “no” or any link in that pop-up, it keeps sending me this script error warning you can see below.

The left pop-up is asking me if I want to give permission to the app (AoEII DE) to access to my Xbox Live profile. If I click “yes”, “no” or any link on this pop-up it just give me the right pop-up, that is saying «Errore nello script della pagina» (= «script error in the internet page»), and «l’oggetto non supporta la proprietà o il metodo ‘has’» (= «The object doesn’t support this property or method ‘has’»)

I linked my steam account to the xbox live one from the xbox companion app. I cleared IE cache and cookies. I have no antivirus besides the windows 10 one. I tried to look for a solution online, to no avail, and I tried to look on the support section of this site (I am unable sign in or connect to Xbox Live. – Age of Empires Support this one), but nothing worked so far. I tried to ask for support opening a ticket in the support section but MS staff just told me to verify integrity of game from Steam and linked me the page of the support section I linked above, then stopped answering me. I don’t know what to do, I want to connect my account to the game I purchased and enjoy the events but I’m unable to do so, can someone help me?

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I have encountered same issue.

Hello, thanks for answering me. Did you find any solution to the problem?

Sadly, no. I just wanted to join the subject since I have encountered same issue.

Ok, I managed to solve the problem (I think).
Today I tried to log in again and this time it worked. As I did everything as usual I didn’t get why now it worked and why before it didn’t, untill I saw that I forgot to connect my ethernet cable and my laptop was connected using wi-fi. Try to use wi-fi or hotspot from a phone, it could work for you too!

Interesting. I wanted to share same info with you. Looks like some minor troubles with the client of the game.