Can't create an ESO acccount

I tried to make an ESO account by running the “vanilla” base game. (I bought the complete collection on steam).
It kept giving me an error and that I should visit: 1 but this does not work, this site gives me a “403 Forbidden” screen.

I then attempted to recover my username and password (I have never created an ESO account before so I just tried this to see if this would work) and when I entered my Product ID (found in my game) the login associated my product ID with another username I have never made? Its definitely not mine?

I’ve tried verifying game files, one file had to be verified. After I did this I ran the registry, typed in my new key, and I still cant create an account.

Zero clue on how to fix this. I attempted emailing AOE3 support but that email address no longer works…

It seems like my product key is associated with another account. And I cant get any assistance to sort this out.

email to microsoft ^^^they help you