Can't Create Ensemble Studios Online Account

Hi, I’ve tried creating an account in all 3 versions of the game and am receiving Error 101. I bought the game on Steam about 6 years ago, and never bothered to make my Online account.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, using the fixes from agecommunity, and even completely blowing away most if not all references from my registry to Age of Empires.

When I look up the key on the ESO tool, I do not see anyone else is using the key, so I am not sure what is happening.

Is there anything I can do to create my account?

The advice below from Eaglemut may be helpful to you.

Careful there, Microsoft has since lost ownership of the domain and nothing AoE-related is hosted there anymore. Unfortunately I can’t edit the comment to correct it, as it’s too old.

What it sounds like to me is that you’ve made an account long ago and forgot about it. Unfortunately, the ESO username lookup tool doesn’t work for Steam purchases, so you cannot find your original username that way.

I never had to when I got the game initially, as the person I was playing with was always on a local network.

If I did create the account ages ago, is there any way to recover it using my Steam purchase or would I just have to buy another copy of the game to get a new key to make a new account?

Updated all your old links with the current link. Thanks for the heads up.

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